Kari Häkkinen

Kari Häkkinen

+358 50 311 4407

Kari Häkkinen, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Kari has worked for 30 years in supervisor and specialist assignments at several manufacturing industry companies. He has experience with the electronics, carpentry, chemical and metal industries. Kari has held many different positions, all of them related in some way to a supply chain management, supply chain development, or responsibilities for some parts of supply chain. Kari´s special expertise is to enhance the delivery capability with different material control methods. International ERP system implementation projects have also kept Kari busy in recent years.

´I’ve always been inspired by changes aimed at developing operations. In particular, the results that we achieve motivate me to continue accepting new assignments. Working with different people, dealing with challenges, compiling plans, monitoring actions, and celebrating the results with others are the highlights of working life.´

At Innoman, Kari is especially enthusiastic about the opportunity to utilise his experience, see how various companies deal with different types of challenges, and bring his expertise to these situations. He enjoys supporting companies in demanding development projects, the toughest of which is often the implementation project for an ERP system. This project makes many people nervous, but when implemented well it produces a lot of added value for the company, steers the development of functions, and enables major growth.

During the summer, Kari spends his free time motorcycling. Motorcycle holidays in different parts of Finland and Europe are the highlights of his summers. He spends the winter reminiscing about past trips and planning future ones. Keeping fit and volunteer work have been part of Kari’s life for a long time and help to counterbalance his work.