Sanni Harju

Sanni Harju

+358 40 675 3380

Sanni Harju, Master of Social Services and Bachelor of Social Rehabilitation (both qualifications from a university of applied sciences). She is also a sexologist and a neuropsychiatric coach.

Sanni has been a supervisor for nearly all the time the Tampere Pohjola Hospital has been open. Her work history mainly covers various positions in social work. She has, for example, worked as an instructor and counsellor on a child protection youth emergency ward and done criminal sanctions work.

Before that she had worked in employment services, mainly in the area of rehabilitative work. Unafraid of work, Sanni, when a teenager, also picked strawberries, financed her studies working nights selling hamburgers from a kiosk, and practised her language skills launching space rockets at Disneyland, Paris.

‘What I like best about my current job is working with the client; meeting people face-to-face and working together for their well-being. In even the most difficult situations I try to make progress using a positive approach and the client’s resources,’ says Sanni.

She thinks the work is sometimes challenging, but every client that she helps make progress motivates her to face the next challenge. Sanni says that her wonderful work community and the support she gets from it also help her to cope.

Sanni generally spends her spare time with her family and friends and doing various sports.

‘I love travelling and the experiences that go with it – seeing new places and eating strange food. I especially love to explore the countryside at different times of the year, which is also a great way to relax.’

Sanni cannot ice-skate, but you will often find her at the ice hockey ring, because she has two enthusiastic young hockey players in her family. Besides sports she says that music brings much joy to her life. She spends much of her free time going to as many gigs as she can and she also jogs with her earphones on. Sometimes Sanni also plays the piano and sings, though only for her own pleasure.