Tarja Pere-Druey

Tarja Pere-Druey

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Tarja Pere-Druey, Master of Arts (Education), qualified adult trainer.

Tarja’s career has focused very much on the challenges of employment and fitness for work. She has developed fitness for work services and activities, and has headed the team that produces these services for around four years now. At the same time, she coached and worked intensively with company employees mainly needing outplacement services and other types of relocation and job application support.

She has about 10 years’ experience of vocational rehabilitation guidance for workplace pension providers and non-life insurance companies. Tarja has headed the vocational rehabilitation team for around eight years and is currently responsible for developing and updating the professional expertise of work supervisors.

Tarja has also had the role of expert and head trainer of a group of job-seekers at a TE (employment and business services) Office. In addition, she has been a trainer in the subjects of educational sciences and social welfare services for nurses. She has also taught educational sciences at university.

‘I am motivated at work by never quite knowing in the morning what the day has in store for me – everything I might learn that’s new to me or how everything I have learnt can be put to advantage or applied differently from last time,’ says Tarja.

Tarja spends her much of her free time enjoying sports.

‘The sports I like are mainly those where you can work up a decent sweat and the next day you still feel you have done something. If I have any time left over, in summer I spend it looking after the garden and in winter doing some snow clearing, or I might do some baking.’

Tarja cycles to work all year long ‘for the environment’.