Tuulamaria Lempiälä

Tuulamaria Lempiälä

+358 40 659 5526

Tuulamaria Lempiälä, Master of Social Sciences, social psychologist; also studied on the Degree Programme for HR and workplace well-being experts at the Faculty of Management at the University of Tampere.

Since 2011, Tuulamaria has been a part-time or full-time coach and trainer. Before coming to Innoman, she provided a diverse range of training for job-seekers, mainly in individual and group coaching seminars. She has also worked in the recruiting field and as a developer of workplace well-being.

In her job, Tuulamaria is motivated by a great team and the fact that she gets to meet other people. It is rewarding how sometimes even a little effort can help people get along in their lives. Meeting people can sometimes lead to wondrous things, though not all the subtleties and effects are outwardly visible.

‘I also really want to have an influence on locked-in thinking; if we can identify and change it we will be able to cope a lot better as individuals and in the work community,’ Tuulamaria believes.

In her free time, Tuulamaria appreciates close relationships with people she can enjoy being with.

‘I thrive on viable communities, and my sociability comes alive when people accept me and we can all laugh together. With me the talk can go quickly from something quite profound to something else pretty trivial and funny,’ says Tuulamaria.

Her good humour has earned her quite a few nicknames. At Innoman Tuutikki has become firmly and warm-heartedly established.

In her private life, what Tuulamaria loves most is music, singing, playing the violin and viola, improvisational theatre, the Training for Warriors fitness programme, and dance. Being next to water is a particularly soothing experience for her.