Working with insurers

Innoman is working with the largest non-life insurance company in a way that is reforming accident rehabilitation significantly. We have been building vocational rehabilitation services as a permanent link in the patient care chain, with the service kicking in right at the time of the injury.

Multidisciplinary development work resulted in the formulation of two fundamental principles, on which the production of services in their entirety was based: the goal of a fast return to work and the client’s experience of the service received. So it is the client and the services produced for him or her at precisely the right time that lie at the heart of the operation.

We have been developing and implementing this new age in vocational rehabilitation for quite a few years now. Some 2,000 people in Finland have now gone through the new process and experienced the service, and the results obtained and client feedback show that we are on the right track.

And the services we deliver to workplace pension providers have similar objectives. The client’s needs can be considered far more comprehensively than before. For years, employment pension rehabilitation services have lagged behind the genuine needs of rehabilitees.

Together with pension providers, we have ensured that services move in a direction that allows much earlier access to the rehabilitee’s process. It is possible to make the content of services more diverse in nature now, always ensuring, however, that the goals of vocational rehabilitation remain in a key position. The new services we have produced have proven very successful, and we will going on improving them in collaboration with our customers.


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