About us

Tomorrow companies will be different from that they are today. Business undergoes change, industries alter and ecosystems create new opportunities.

Innoman is where the experts meet: humanists, technocrats and business professionals. Our collaborations with customers and our networks generate enthusiasm, brilliant ideas and healthy results. Productivity and new business.

At Innoman the scientific approach is combined with practical work. Together with our customers we create tomorrow’s strategies. We discover opportunities, develop new solutions and re-jig structures. We do not just look at things, analyse them and talk about them: we also act. When we are involved things really start to happen.


  • The Innoman Group comprises the parent company Innoman Oy and its subsidiary Innoman HR Oy.
  • Innoman Oy was established in 1991
  • Innoman HR Oy was established in 2013
  • Turnover for the Innoman Group was EUR 1,300,000 in 2017.
  • Turnover in 2018 was EUR 1,500,000.

Our services

The Business Acceleratorlaboratory

Internationalization plan
Leadership and Change Management

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Productive ERP project

The ERP project is concerned with the development of the company's business and processes. Technological solutions are the means to implement the company's strategy, control and direct processes and improve productivity. A successful ERP project requires professional project and change leadership.
Innoman is an expert company independent of ERP actors.

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Innovation Services

Innovation guarantees an organisation's success. The productivity of innovation activity can also be developed. For this, systematic development and the right tools are needed. The result is innovations in the areas of new products, services, business models and ecosystems.

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HR Services

Innoman helps customers in managing change and building trust among people in the organization. We provide methods and tools to clarify the meaning and goals of change, as well as to inspire staff.

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