About us

Tomorrow companies will be different from that they are today. Business undergoes change, industries alter and ecosystems create new opportunities.

Innoman is where the experts meet: technocrats, business professionals, humanists, and change management specialists. Our collaborations with customers and our networks generate enthusiasm, brilliant ideas and healthy results. Productivity and new business.

At Innoman the scientific approach is combined with practical work. Together with our customers we create tomorrow’s strategies. We discover opportunities, develop new solutions and re-jig structures. We do not just look at things, analyse them and talk about them: we also act. When we are involved things really start to happen.


Our services

Business Acceleration Laboratory

Concrete development path
Sales and Marketing development
Leadership development
Knowledge-based management

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Process Development

Standardized and reliable processes
Continuous improvement
Value creation to customers
Development of productivity
Creation of preconditions for profitable growth

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Productive Digital/ERP project

Business targets and target processes
Correctly selected information system and supplier
Professional project management and management of change
Cost-profit calculation

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Innovation Services

Strategic importance
Customer and user understanding
Resource analysis
Innovation processes and tools
Productization and business models
Business benefits analysis

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Change Management

Highlighting of targets
Measuring the adaptability
Change coaching
Counselling of superiors
Development of team work
Mentoring for groups and individuals

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Pekka Berg

Chairman of the Board
+358 40 545 5560

Venla Berg

Managing Director
+358 500 443 731


Sari Lehtoaro

Specialist, Change agent, Coach
+358 50 307 3091