The Business Acceleratorlaboratory

The Business Development Laboratory is an effective method to create a vision of the company’s future and build a path towards it. The methods work as prompts for new ways of thinking and for the discovery of new opportunities.

Strategy. The aim of the strategy work is to bring such practices and know-how to the organization, which will accelerate successful business. The core of the strategy is the mission, values and vision of the organization. Other key perspectives include: customer understanding, business environment, trends, scenarios, resources, expertise, processes, offering, business model, and business goals. The strategy includes a clear roadmap to guide the further work.

The roadmap. The roadmap incorporates a description of the measures taken to implement the strategy in the years to come. These measures relate, for example, to the development of customer relationships, processes, products and services and competence and technology.

Internationalization. The need for making an internationalization plan is often raised in strategy work. Key perspectives include: selection of potential market areas, more detailed analysis of potential market areas, exploring opportunities for cooperation with existing partners, mapping new potential partners, competitor analysis in target countries, and different resource options in target countries. The internationalization plan includes a clear internationalization roadmap to support further work.

Change management. The change is successful when people, things and tasks are led with a target. We can determine your organization’s ability for change and utilize the results of the analysis in the design and implementation phase. Increasing interaction is an essential part of our change management model. Concretizing and clarifying goals, as well as well-designed work planning, provide an excellent basis for change and inspiration for staff.

Innoman helps to improve leadership in the areas of innovation, change, HR and information technology management. We also help to develop management and supervisory skills.

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The crucial part of RKM’s collaboration with Innoman has been trust, says Ismo Penttilä, Managing Director of RKM Group.

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Other Services

Productive ERP project

The ERP project is concerned with the development of the company's business and processes. Technological solutions are the means to implement the company's strategy, control and direct processes and improve productivity. A successful ERP project requires professional project and change leadership.
Innoman is an expert company independent of ERP actors.

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Innovation Services

Innovation guarantees an organisation's success. The productivity of innovation activity can also be developed. For this, systematic development and the right tools are needed. The result is innovations in the areas of new products, services, business models and ecosystems.

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HR Services

Innoman helps customers in managing change and building trust among people in the organization. We provide methods and tools to clarify the meaning and goals of change, as well as to inspire staff.

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