Business Acceleration Laboratory

The Business Accelerator Laboratory is an effective method to create a vision of the company’s future and build a path towards it. The methods work as prompts for new ways of thinking and for the discovery of new opportunities.

Strategy. The aim of the strategy work is to bring such practices and know-how to the organization, which will accelerate successful business. The core of the strategy is the mission, values and vision of the organization. Other key perspectives include: customer understanding, business environment, trends, scenarios, resources, expertise, processes, offering, business model, and business goals. The strategy includes a clear roadmap to guide the further work.

The roadmap. The roadmap incorporates a description of the measures taken to implement the strategy in the years to come. These measures relate, for example, to the development of customer relationships, processes, products and services and competence and technology.

Sales Accelerator Laboratory. The goal of the Sales Accelerator Laboratory is to increase sales. We build a competitive advantage by brightening the benefits of customer value. We make sales and marketing plans and a customer relationship management plan. The plans include definitions of goals, key performance indicators and channels, as well as the definition of process and management models.

Internationalization. The need for making an internationalization plan is often raised in strategy work. Key perspectives include: selection of potential market areas, more detailed analysis of potential market areas, exploring opportunities for cooperation with existing partners, mapping new potential partners, competitor analysis in target countries, and different resource options in target countries. The internationalization plan includes a clear internationalization roadmap to support further work.

Change management. The change is successful when people, things and tasks are led with a target. We can determine your organization’s ability for change and utilize the results of the analysis in the design and implementation phase. Increasing interaction is an essential part of our change management model. Concretizing and clarifying goals, as well as well-designed work planning, provide an excellent basis for change and inspiration for staff.

Innoman helps to improve leadership in the areas of innovation, sales, change and information technology management. We also help to develop management and supervisory skills.


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Innoman's Business Accelerator Laboratory


Verkkoasema developed supervisory work to match the growth targets

Innoman acted as an expert in the process development of Verkkoasema’s teams (digital marketing and software team) and in the entire company’s strategy work. Process control was developed to a new level by giving superiors tutoring and coaching.

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Pure Waste improved the growth base through strategy work

Pure Waste faced new requirements in information systems, operating models, organizing and management models, as business grew and demand based on the responsibility value proposition increased. External insights and experience were needed to get development work on the right trail.

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Black Moda Oy: With Innoman, we could talk about the enterprise as an entity

Focusing on high quality and responsible actions, Black Moda Oy is a family business operating in textile industry. When the company’s business increased at a rapid pace, it became more crucial to get the company’s systems updated.

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Kynix Oy learnt how to sell value and benefit

The cooperation between Kynix Oy and Innoman started when they realized in Kynix that they’d like to have some additional resources for their everyday operation. The purpose of the cooperation was to discuss how to develop, market and make further plans.

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Helgi Vaarman: Innoman is developing the business of a small service enterprise

Entrepreneur Helgi Vaarman, specializing in household cleaning services, asked Innoman’s help to develop their business. A sound business idea and experience provided the foundation for transforming innovative new services into effective business.

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Pois Tieltä! -Safarit: Innoman helps to develop a value promise into actual business

Pois Tieltä! -Safarit, providing experience services, is specialized in off-road safaris and other off-road driving events that are organized for companies’ staff and interest groups. There was desire to develop the business forward; nevertheless, in case of an investment-intensive line, they wanted to be sure about the right direction of development.

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Getting Naulankanta into growth – Revising the strategy, operational processes and ERP

A professional builder’s reliable partner Naulankanta Oy has been in rapid growth in Finland, and is now about to expand also into international markets. The developing business activities of the enterprise have imposed a challenge to change old working methods and information systems to fit in the new situation. Innoman has helped Naulankanta to develop the business strategy and productization, and also to design an internationalization plan.

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For Rejlers the reformation’s central objective was to provide the company’s business more room for growth without growing the administration in the same proportion.

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The crucial part of RKM’s collaboration with Innoman has been trust, says Ismo Penttilä, Managing Director of RKM Group.

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Other Services

Process Development

Standardized and reliable processes
Continuous improvement
Value creation to customers
Development of productivity
Creation of preconditions for profitable growth

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Productive Digital/ERP project

Business targets and target processes
Correctly selected information system and supplier
Professional project management and management of change
Cost-profit calculation

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Innovation Services

Strategic importance
Customer and user understanding
Resource analysis
Innovation processes and tools
Productization and business models
Business benefits analysis

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Change Management

Highlighting of targets
Measuring the adaptability
Change coaching
Counselling of superiors
Development of team work
Mentoring for groups and individuals

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