Digitalization of professional services – the game is changing.

Do you pass the puck to a stationary player or to a spot the player is coming to? In this 8-part video series, we highlight themes that inspire you to anticipate business development, e.g. from these perspectives: 

  • How to utilize digitalization in development work 
  • Get inspired to innovate 
  • The future is about sharing information 
  • Forget about rigid processes 
  • Get prepared for the data revolution 
  • The game is changing 

The content of the videos consists of solid expertise, practical experience, and an innovative attitude. Click and open your eyes to the future! The video series is free. You don’t commit to anything other than embracing new perspectives to develop your business. 

Experts in this video series: 

  • Pekka Berg, Innoman Oy, Vice President, Business and Innovation 
  • Mika Paavola, Louhi Net Oy, CEO 

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