Productive ERP project

The ERP project is concerned with the development of the company’s business and processes. The processes have to implement the company’s strategy and business model. Successful process development depends on a clearer definition of staff job descriptions and responsibilities and good leadership.

The benefits of ERP are visible in work time savings and a reduction in costs, as well as improved quality. An assessment of the gains informs and prioritises development.

We find the right ERP solution and supplier for company when the processes have been properly defined and the system’s functional requirements have been prioritised using a benefit calculator. Innoman is an expert company independent of ERP actors. We help in the choice of a suitable ERP solution.

Professional leadership in a project is a precondition for its success. Innoman provides support for the leadership of the ERP project.

We also offer change leadership coaching alongside the ERP project to provide management, supervisors and the project team with guidance and support.


Productive ERP project:

ERP-projekti ENGL



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