Granlund Oy renewed their data systems to serve their growth strategy

The aim of reorganizing the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) was to achieve an entity of data systems to provide up-to-date data, to eliminate overlapping functions, to enable knowledge-based management – and now to facilitate smooth remote and mobile use.

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Uusioaines Oy improved efficiency and transparency from sales to invoicing

An ERP project is more than just purchasing new IT systems. It will create an opportunity to achieve efficiency and real-time reporting – and first of all – the growth of business.

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Kynix Oy learnt how to sell value and benefit

The cooperation between Kynix Oy and Innoman started when they realized in Kynix that they’d like to have some additional resources for their everyday operation. The purpose of the cooperation was to discuss how to develop, market and make further plans.

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Black Moda Oy: With Innoman, we could talk about the enterprise as an entity

Focusing on high quality and responsible actions, Black Moda Oy is a family business operating in textile industry. When the company’s business increased at a rapid pace, it became more crucial to get the company’s systems updated.

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Pois Tieltä! -Safarit: Innoman helps to develop a value promise into actual business

Pois Tieltä! -Safarit, providing experience services, is specialized in off-road safaris and other off-road driving events that are organized for companies’ staff and interest groups. There was desire to develop the business forward; nevertheless, in case of an investment-intensive line, they wanted to be sure about the right direction of development.

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Helgi Vaarman: Innoman is developing the business of a small service enterprise

Entrepreneur Helgi Vaarman, specializing in household cleaning services, asked Innoman’s help to develop their business. A sound business idea and experience provided the foundation for transforming innovative new services into effective business.

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Innoman helped Neste: to speed up the analysing and developing of new ideas

"We were looking for a new approach to doing, to bring a new idea to a concept level, and to test the idea. We wanted to look over various approaches and learn new methods to develop an idea particularly in service production", tells us Mr. Antti Pulkkanen, the Head of Service Design at Neste.

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Laptitec: Tools to build winner teams, provided by Innoman’s coach

Laptitec Oy, a growing and modern forerunner in heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, automation and electricity services for buildings, wanted to give their superiors and the entire personnel new resources to develop the work community.

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High Peak: New operating modes and the ERP system supporting them facilitated the increase in the sales

One of the biggest enterprises in its line, High Peak, specializing in business gifts, brand and e-commerce solutions, had arrived at a situation where the information systems did not any longer correspond with the needs of the expanded business and did not either support the development of new operating models for daily work. Innoman provided them assistance in finding a suitable ERP system and to develop new operating models that will facilitate the growth of the business.

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SSAB Merox: Innoman introduced flexible lean thinking to innovation business

Innovations are an important part of the activities of SSAB Merox, focusing on sustainable development. Innoman’s experts introduced new working methods based on lean thinking to be utilized by the teams of Merox, with the aim of establishing a lean business model.

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Getting Naulankanta into growth – Revising the strategy, operational processes and ERP

A professional builder’s reliable partner Naulankanta Oy has been in rapid growth in Finland, and is now about to expand also into international markets. The developing business activities of the enterprise have imposed a challenge to change old working methods and information systems to fit in the new situation. Innoman has helped Naulankanta to develop the business strategy and productization, and also to design an internationalization plan.

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The regional government reform strategy is progressing. The initial version of the region’s RDI management model was completed with new participatory tools and methods, which Uusimaa2019 also obtained for its use as support for the continuing work.

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For Rejlers the reformation’s central objective was to provide the company’s business more room for growth without growing the administration in the same proportion.

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Drama Queen: Innoman’s individual mentoring helps to maintain ability to work

Employees’ well-being at work and ability to work came up in Drama Queen Communications, a marketing communications agency taking care of its staff.

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"During the path, we learned about several new innovation and conceptualisation tools that can also be used in other projects", says Valio’s Innovation Manager Virpi Jonson.

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The crucial part of RKM’s collaboration with Innoman has been trust, says Ismo Penttilä, Managing Director of RKM Group.

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'Innoman just makes life easier', says Managing Director Juhani Yrjänä

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Valmet is improving what it is already good at

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