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In Innoman’s process development model, business processes are modified to implement better the company’s strategy and business model. The aim of the development work is to establish standardized and reliable processes for the company, to provide preconditions for profitable growth and lucrative business.

The benefits of process development are manifested in the company as work time savings and cost savings, increase in turnover and improved quality. In Innoman’s service the development work is being steered and prioritized by the assessment of benefits.

Value creation to customers is ensured by eliminating waste and overlapping work in the processes. As a part of the process development, Innoman makes enquiries and interviews to customers of the company developing processes, to find out the customers’ expectations for the development of processes and cooperation models.


The aim of Innoman’s service is to implant the continuous development of processes as a part of the company’s everyday routines

Innoman applies lean tools in process development. In accordance with lean thinking, we reduce overlapping work, waste, hassle or frustrating searching of information.

As a part of the process development, we also describe the role of information systems and digital solutions in process control and implementation of the business model.

A precondition for successful development of processes is the clarification of personnel’s job descriptions and areas of responsibility as well as good management. Innoman’s management of change service helps you to ensure the development of processes in your enterprise.

The process model pictures and process descriptions produced by Innoman can be attached directly to become a part of the client’s quality system.


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Verkkoasema developed supervisory work to match the growth targets

Innoman acted as an expert in the process development of Verkkoasema’s teams (digital marketing and software team) and in the entire company’s strategy work. Process control was developed to a new level by giving superiors tutoring and coaching.

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Pure Waste improved the growth base through strategy work

Pure Waste faced new requirements in information systems, operating models, organizing and management models, as business grew and demand based on the responsibility value proposition increased. External insights and experience were needed to get development work on the right trail.

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Black Moda Oy: With Innoman, we could talk about the enterprise as an entity

Focusing on high quality and responsible actions, Black Moda Oy is a family business operating in textile industry. When the company’s business increased at a rapid pace, it became more crucial to get the company’s systems updated.

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High Peak: New operating modes and the ERP system supporting them facilitated the increase in the sales

One of the biggest enterprises in its line, High Peak, specializing in business gifts, brand and e-commerce solutions, had arrived at a situation where the information systems did not any longer correspond with the needs of the expanded business and did not either support the development of new operating models for daily work. Innoman provided them assistance in finding a suitable ERP system and to develop new operating models that will facilitate the growth of the business.

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Getting Naulankanta into growth – Revising the strategy, operational processes and ERP

A professional builder’s reliable partner Naulankanta Oy has been in rapid growth in Finland, and is now about to expand also into international markets. The developing business activities of the enterprise have imposed a challenge to change old working methods and information systems to fit in the new situation. Innoman has helped Naulankanta to develop the business strategy and productization, and also to design an internationalization plan.

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Granlund Oy renewed their data systems to serve their growth strategy

The aim of reorganizing the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) was to achieve an entity of data systems to provide up-to-date data, to eliminate overlapping functions, to enable knowledge-based management – and now to facilitate smooth remote and mobile use.

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For Rejlers the reformation’s central objective was to provide the company’s business more room for growth without growing the administration in the same proportion.

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The crucial part of RKM’s collaboration with Innoman has been trust, says Ismo Penttilä, Managing Director of RKM Group.

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'Innoman just makes life easier', says Managing Director Juhani Yrjänä

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