Change Management

Innoman’s change management service helps you to ensure the successful implementation of change in your company

Implementation skills impose a typical challenge in companies. People start eagerly various development actions and projects, which, however, cannot be finished. This erodes the personnel’s belief in the success of development projects and the management’s ability to manage the development work.

Innoman’s change management service consists of

  1. Support for individual development projects
  2. A model of continuous development, based on lean thinking.

To implement a change requires target-oriented and systematic management of the personnel. Superiors should know how to communicate the targets, benefits and tasks of the project as far as to the level of individuals, in order to make each person to understand and to assume responsibility for his or her own development tasks. Superiors need to ensure the allocation of resources related with the additional work required by the project.


Change management means the management of doing together

A change situation is a challenging one for superiors, and they need support and coaching, in order to succeed in it. When new methods and tools are being practiced, the carrying forward of the change will become more concrete and easier. Doing together will be managed by targets, task lists, agile doing and continuous monitoring of the progress.

Our management of change services include

  • Assessment of the change ability of the management and personnel
  • Planning of a change management model for a development project
  • Change coaching
  • Change agent service
  • Coaching of superiors
  • Mentoring of groups and individuals


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Verkkoasema developed supervisory work to match the growth targets

Innoman acted as an expert in the process development of Verkkoasema’s teams (digital marketing and software team) and in the entire company’s strategy work. Process control was developed to a new level by giving superiors tutoring and coaching.

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Pure Waste improved the growth base through strategy work

Pure Waste faced new requirements in information systems, operating models, organizing and management models, as business grew and demand based on the responsibility value proposition increased. External insights and experience were needed to get development work on the right trail.

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Laptitec: Tools to build winner teams, provided by Innoman’s coach

Laptitec Oy, a growing and modern forerunner in heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, automation and electricity services for buildings, wanted to give their superiors and the entire personnel new resources to develop the work community.

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Drama Queen: Innoman’s individual mentoring helps to maintain ability to work

Employees’ well-being at work and ability to work came up in Drama Queen Communications, a marketing communications agency taking care of its staff.

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The crucial part of RKM’s collaboration with Innoman has been trust, says Ismo Penttilä, Managing Director of RKM Group.

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