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What are Marketing and Sales?

Marketing and sales (M&S) mean communication with people in a way that activates their brain’s desire networks.

By communication, we mean: A company’s interaction with people in all touchpoints where individuals encounter the company’s advertisements, marketing materials, salespersons, and company employees. These communications can occur physically, in real-world settings, or virtually, through digital channels.

By brain’s desire network, we mean: The area of the brain that regulates people’s behavior and decision making. Activation of the desire network can be promoted through decision activators.

By decision activators, we mean: M&S initiatives as well as all company’s communication that increases the activity of the people’s desire network. The more these actions activate the desire network, the more willing they are to purchase and use the company’s services and products.

Profitable business operations are always underpinned by successful marketing and sales

Business-oriented and systematic leadership of M&S often seems difficult. Successful organizations focus attention for

  • on the strategic planning of M&S activities
  • on assessment of and indicators for current and new M&S activities
  • on M&S processes and tools
  • on people skills and good practices

Innoman will help you develop and create new M&S solutions systematically by leveraging the latest neuroscience on human decision-making. We provide the tools needed to improve the productivity of M&S. We will work together with you to produce new M&S solutions in the areas of current and new products, services, business models, processes and ecosystems. At the same time, your company will learn effective tools for future M&S activities.

We have built an NeuroPath™ for you

The purpose of the NeuroPath™ coaching sessions is to introduce your organisation to practices, know-how and skills that make effective M&S actions possible. The modules in our coaching programme complement one another, and we can customise them to produce focused training sessions or longer training programmes. We will also apply our process tools to facilitating your organisation’s own development projects. Coaching can be introduced within the framework of coaching programmes or as separate workshops, according to the customer’s needs.

Our NeuroPath™ includes:

  1. Newest neuroscientific understanding of people’s buying behavior from the perspective of practical business development.
  2. Learning to use and apply the NeuroValue7 tool to understand human behavior in the company’s M&S processes.
  3. Learning to use and apply other tools to develop and create new M&S as an essential part of the company’s function.

The knowledge and skills of the Innoman M&S group at your service

Innoman has put together the ecosystem of Finnish and international experts. Through this concentration of expertise, our customers have access to a diverse range of knowledge and experience as well as robust, flexible and comprehensive M&S development and creation services.

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Innoman helped Neste: to speed up the analysing and developing of new ideas

"We were looking for a new approach to doing, to bring a new idea to a concept level, and to test the idea. We wanted to look over various approaches and learn new methods to develop an idea particularly in service production", tells us Mr. Antti Pulkkanen, the Head of Service Design at Neste.

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SSAB Merox: Innoman introduced flexible lean thinking to innovation business

Innovations are an important part of the activities of SSAB Merox, focusing on sustainable development. Innoman’s experts introduced new working methods based on lean thinking to be utilized by the teams of Merox, with the aim of establishing a lean business model.

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The regional government reform strategy is progressing. The initial version of the region’s RDI management model was completed with new participatory tools and methods, which Uusimaa2019 also obtained for its use as support for the continuing work.

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"During the path, we learned about several new innovation and conceptualisation tools that can also be used in other projects", says Valio’s Innovation Manager Virpi Jonson.

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Valmet is improving what it is already good at

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