Jussi Pihlajamaa

Jussi Pihlajamaa

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Jussi Pihlajamaa, Engineer.

Jussi has long experience of the construction business and innovation activity. He began his career as a designer. He then spent around 10 years as a planner and organiser of vocational training programmes in the property and construction industry in training organisations run by the sector and later through his own companies.

When Innoman Oy was founded in 1991 it served as a channel for Jussi to provide consultation services for new knowledge deployment and R&D&I development. His customers have been both public organisations and companies.

Jussi has also worked for the past 20 years as a researcher at the Tampere University of Technology and as head of research at the Innovation Management Institute, part of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University.

In his research Jussi has focused on the evaluation of different research, technology and development programmes and on organisation innovation management development.

I have been able to work closely with innovative people and companies,’ says Jussi.

At work he is motivated by the opportunity to get to grips with new challenges, problem solving and success stories with customers.

‘In my free time I always seem to find something that needs doing at the summer cottage, and I play and learn about music in a small home study. But what I like doing best of all away from work is spending time with my grandchildren,’ says Jussi, smiling.