Mika Ropponen

Mika Ropponen

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Mika Ropponen, Specialist

Mika has been heading company development and IT projects since 1992: all the way from automatic data processing to the internet, digitalisation and the platform economy. His career as a consultant began in 1999, and he has been a shareholder in Innoman Oy 2004-2022.

Mika has a massive amount of experience. He has worked in process and e-business development in more than 150 companies in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. He has been involved in 102 projects related to the deployment of IT solutions.

A key source of his motivation is Finnish entrepreneurship. What fascinates him most about Finnish entrepreneurship, corporate culture and entrepreneurs themselves are the straightforward approach, innovations and the desire to improve things.

‘What I can really say about my work is that each day is different and every project is very interesting. In these past years I have come to know Finnish entrepreneurship, its whole spectrum, its challenges, its agonies, successes and, above all, the great people,’ says Mika.

Mika spends his leisure time at his summer cottage, hiking and playing badminton.