Venla Berg

Venla Berg

Managing Director
+358 500 443 731

Venla Berg, Master of Science (Technology) (telecommunications engineering and telecommunication technology)
Managing Director. Partner.

Venla has spent her entire career working as a specialist developing the business operations and processes of different-size companies and organisations and the use of information technology to support operations.

Over the past 20 years her customer base has consisted mainly of medium-sized Finnish enterprises. The first 15 years of her working life she spent developing first and foremost the operations of big companies and public administration organisations.

She has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. Since 2004 she has been a shareholder in, and Managing Director of, Innoman Oy.

Venla is passionate about development. She thinks that things can always be done more productively, more fluidly and with fewer mistakes being made.

‘I want to be involved in the creation of new business for customers and for Innoman. I am motivated by the notions of entrepreneurship and development,’ says Venla, and continues ´The best about my work is to see the results of development from the perspective of both the customer and her own company.´

‘I also find it a rewarding experience to engage in development work in collaboration with interesting and competent people in client companies and at Innoman,’ she adds.

Venla generally spends her free time with her family.
‘I like doing up old buildings (leisure properties), putting the finishing touches to new-build properties (her detached wooden house), keeping fit, travelling to foreign countries, gardening, growing raspberries, having saunas and being outdoors with the dogs.’