Jyrki Suomala

Jyrki Suomala

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Jyrki Suomala, Ph.D. (Education), docent.
Research and development projects focus on human decision-making within innovation management, purchasing and marketing from a neuroscientific perspective.
Specialist of Innoman Oy, specialised in consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing.

Jyrki’s greatest passion is helping companies apply the latest neuroscientific results in their own processes. In fact, modern information how the brain operates can present an astonishing range of new application opportunities for the use of companies and organisations.

According to Jyrki, it is especially exciting to see how companies can learn to pay attention to the true desires of their customers, all the way from the front end of the innovation process to the company’s marketing plans.

With the help of the InnoNeuro7 tool and brainwave measurements, companies can receive wholly unique information about what consumers really want. Jyrki thinks that it is great that he has the opportunity operate in the middle ground between top-level research and practical application and help increase the viability and competitiveness of his client companies.

It’s exciting to see neuroscientific applications help companies develop their operations so that they’re able to take their consumers’ preferences into account, all the way from the idea phase up to the launch of the product or service. It really makes me happy that I’m allowed to work with such smart people both at our client companies as well as at Innoman, notes Jyrki.

Jyrki has also worked in the university world. He has researched and taught innovation activities at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the University of Turku and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Over the years, he has collaborated with several well-known companies, both in Finland and abroad.

Jyrki’s scientific career continues at an active pace. He is still a principal lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. He conducts research and lectures about human decision-making, neuromarketing and innovations at Laurea and at several scientific conferences.

His books have been published both in Finnish and English. He has published around 90 scientific articles, the latest of which is related to how the brain operates when it comes to border security.

I spend my free time with my family and my non-fiction books (both reading and writing them). I also like to spend time at the gym, and I’m almost done with the renovation of our house. And, whenever possible, I like sit back and enjoy the occasional moment of idle creativity, says Jyrki.