Sari Lehtoaro

Sari Lehtoaro

Specialist, Change agent, Coach
+358 50 307 3091

Sari Lehtoaro, Specialist, Change agent, Coach

My experience, skills and interests are related to the development of business and the cooperation between the people who work there. The functioning of the work community requires direction, leadership, structures, goals, responsibilities, and rules of the game. They are part of systemicity and thus create a basis for working together and developing the cooperation. To that, when it is added, the most important thing, i.e. people and positive interaction, are the elements of a developing corporate culture.

During my long career, I’ve got to act in management and leadership of advertising, marketing, printing, mailing and logistics industry. What these industries have in common has been constant change and a compelling need to develop a new service offering and operating models. I have been involved in many changes and information system projects. As a result, I’ve learned what factors affect transformation success.

– The starting point for all business development is to identify the value received by customers and to ensure the smooth operation of cooperation by involving all personnel as equal actors.

With Innoman, I can share, utilize and develop my expertise at full capacity with professionals from different industries.

– I’m at my best in an environment where co-operation and brave attitude towards challenges are valued, without forgetting the humour.

In my free time, I take care of myself by playing sports, reading and lazing around with good movies.