High Peak: New operating modes and the ERP system supporting them facilitated the increase in the sales

High Peak Finland Oy

High Peak is an experienced expert company specializing in business gifts, brand and e-commerce solutions.

Line of business

Business gifts and advertising products, event products, brand products

Places of business

Espoo, Tampere, Pori

2018 turnover

Over MEUR 10, target +30%/year

2018 number of personnel

34 persons


15 persons

One of the biggest enterprises in its line, High Peak, specializing in business gifts, brand and e-commerce solutions, had arrived at a situation where the information systems did not any longer correspond with the needs of the expanded business and did not either support the development of new operating models for daily work. Innoman provided them assistance in finding a suitable ERP system and to develop new operating models that will facilitate the growth of the business.

Innoman’s specialist Mika Ropponen conducted a survey of needs for a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for High Peak, mapping also system supplier and solution options. Innoman helped also to develop a business revenue model and new operating modes, providing also assistance for the competitive tendering of the information system.

– It has a crucial importance for the change process to recognize the operational objectives. We went through the existing operating modes and processes of the company, and we defined the new operating modes and processes to build the competitive edge based on these. Therefore, the biggest initial work was to define the objectives and vision, i.e. where High Peak was heading at, in order to be able to find out, which information technology solutions can be offered in general, Ropponen tells about the early stages of cooperation.

– IT systems weren’t among our strengths, and it became evident that the systems we were using were not the right kind of ones to support our development. We needed a cooperation partner with expertise to bring the change process forward with us, tells us Teijo Virtanen, the managing director of High Peak.

”It has been nice to work with a company looking into the future, instead of only pondering how to get by this particular day. It has been a very positive thing to notice the strong commitment on the side of High Peak to the entire process”, says Innoman’s Ropponen. ©Innoman/ Linda Lipponen, Lifu

– The biggest and most essential process that we carried out jointly with Innoman was the mapping of operating modes and processes for the basis of the ERP, in order to achieve a system supporting our renewed operating models. In practice this means that our sales process will become more effective, as we can get rid of unnecessary intermediate stages, and the salesperson can focus on the actual sales, Virtanen continues.


New systems keep up with the rate of growth

A significant change took place in the operation of High Peak along with the rapid growth, too.

– Our rate of growth has been dramatic, and the growth has to some extent surprised us. We had thought of increasing the sales and turnover gradually, and proceeding along with this. A significant growth spurt, however, took place simultaneously in our business gift trade and with the global WRC brand. If we hadn’t carried out the mapping and implementation of ERP in the beginning, we wouldn’t have been able to respond to the demands of the growth, Virtanen says.

High Peak’s aim is to develop the activities with regard to both functions and finances. New tools, operating modes and processes facilitate effective sales and a better customer experience. Thanks to the new ERP system, we can now see more comprehensively and accurately, what has actually been sold and what the growth has been built on. The new system will make for instance the margin structure, the data related with subcontractors and other activities more visible than previously.

– The ERP system helps us to see for example that the increasing sale of apparel has been a factor stimulating the growth. With regard to events, there have been a lot of sales, particularly in fan products, continues managing director Virtanen telling us about the sales volume.

The international WRC brand as a part of the considerable spurt of growth. ©Innoman/ Linda Lipponen, Lifu Change in the operating modes with the ERP system. ©Innoman/ Linda Lipponen, Lifu

Changes in business practices using the ERP system

Along with the new ERP, we have pursued changes in the operating modes for the organization. The changing of the operating modes and carrying out the change have been the factors underlying Innoman’s Mika Ropponen’s work during the process.

At High Peak, back office employees are the primary users of the ERP. The implementation has facilitated smooth steering group work, and everyday management has become more transparent and effective.

– At first we discussed, whether we can operate any longer with the existing equipment, and whether they are sufficient to enable growth. Our goals and processes, however, were adapted to become such that we found out that our existing systems neither support them in any way nor allow possible increase in the sales, tells us Innoman’s Ropponen.

Both parties have been very pleased with the productive cooperation and the chemistry between persons.

– It has been nice to work with a company looking into the future, instead of only pondering how to get by this particular day. It has been a very positive thing to notice the strong commitment on the side of High Peak to the entire process. Without a strong commitment we could not have achieved such great results, continues Ropponen.

– The cooperation has brought us considerable benefit, and we have felt that Innoman’s mode of operation suits us. We appreciate Mika’s expertise and know-how. The way Mika questions things has kicked us forward and made us really think how we want to work. The experience of years together with the expertise show also in the good results of the cooperation, Virtanen says.

The sales of fan products have increased considerably in High Peak’s event sector. ©Innoman/ Linda Lipponen, Lifu


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