Professional rehabilitation

We produce professional rehabilitation services for insurance companies, businesses and public administration.

We create a service to reflect the customer’s needs; we develop it, create processes and offer professional guidance.

The purpose of professional rehabilitation is to ensure that careers can continue despite any decline in fitness for work. Such a restraint may mean reduced fitness for work in the physical sense or associated with mental health. To start professional rehabilitation paid for by an insurance company, the rehabilitee needs a decision from that company.

We also provide individual counselling in companies, where the goal is to support the employee’s life management skills and refer him or her to the right area of assistance, such professional rehabilitation.

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Mikko Hintsala

Managing Director, Innoman HR Oy
+358 40 830 7629

Suvi Tapio

Service Manager, occupational well-being and professional rehabilitation
+358 40 651 1995

Leena Koponen

Sales Manager
+358 40 505 5096

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