Innoman is a business and process developer for companies and organisations. Our mission is to measurably improve the productivity and renewal of businesses. Our services combines experts in different sectors and different experience backgrounds. So our Business development will create new perspectives and innovative solutions.

The Innoman business group includes Innoman Ltd and Innoman HR Ltd. The companies in the business group are owned by the key persons of the companies.

The  turnover of Innoman business group will be approximately EUR 1,000,000 in 2016.

Bisnode D&B Finland Ltd has given Innoman Ltd its highest AAA credit rating.

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Movement and activities. The right processes turn them into profitable business.

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A process means progress

The purpose of a business process is simple: to promote realisation of the company strategy and achievement of financial targets. Innoman works with its customers to develop the right processes and supports their implementation. Since we always want to achieve results, we also measure the realisation of strategic targets.

From current state to the target state

Functional processes utilise a company's own resources and the opportunities presented by the environment in the best possible way. This is why we always start with an analysis of the current situation, which involves determining the needs for process development arising from the company strategy and operating environment At the same time, we examine the company's current information technology solutions and related development needs: do they provide sufficient support for business steering and do they make the business transparent?

Specifying target processes:

  1. How does a company operate in the target state?
  2. How does information technology support the company's business processes in the target state?
  3. What benefits do we want to achieve through process development?
  4. How do we measure the processes and achieved benefits?

Results through practical cooperation

The knowledge and industrial expertise comes from the customer company, and Innoman helps harness it into functional processes. Specifications are produced on the basis of joint work seminars involving the management and key personnel and employee interviews. Innoman guides the process and documents the results.

Target process descriptions are produced as the end result of this work. They create the preconditions for developing operations and they ensure the effectiveness and quality of operations. They also steer use of the company's existing information systems or procurement of new systems.

Implementing and monitoring the change

During process implementation, Innoman serves as the project manager or as an expert who supports the company's project manager. The most important matter involves getting the personnel to understand why the processes are being changed: the benefits at the individual, team and company level.

If necessary, our process police monitor the situation to ensure that the agreed processes are observed at the company. We report on any deviations observed and propose practical actions to steer the processes.


Put human resources on the right track. Create a process that earns its keep.

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A reliable partner for productivity and HR management

Innoman workers are HR professionals with backgrounds in finance, and financial professionals with background in HR. We know why, how and what to invest in. We know what to prepare for. Together with the customer, we measure the productivity impact of our cooperation.

We are experienced professionals in vocational rehabilitation, competence management, development and measuring of HR processes. We are a reliable partner in productivity and HR management, whether the customer is a small, medium-sized or large company, a hospital, an insurance company or an occupational health organisation.

All of our services use our multi-professional Innoman specialist team.

Our services:

• Professional rehabilitation services
• New innovations in working ability services
• Developing HR processes
• Mapping companies' working ability risks
• Measuring HR maturity coefficients
• Providing HR manager service
• Developing work communities
• Modelling and calculating HR risks
• Providing specialist personal insurance services


Financial administration development and services. Processes and practical experience.

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  • Information Technology
  • Measuring

Financial administration is at the heart of processes.

Nearly all company activities are linked to financial administration in one way or another. This is the reason why financial administration and internal accounting services always start with processes. It is essential to specify how the company operates and whether its processes are effective and functional.

Information is valuable when it's fresh

The fragmented nature and primitive collection of information is typically a challenge for companies. Processes (such as sales, invoicing, procurement, working time records, projects, etc.) are often so poorly linked to financial administration and internal accounting that the information is only available to decision-makers after months of waiting.  For the company, it is important for accounting to produce up-to-date planning calculations that assist the company management and key personnel in making various plans and selecting alternatives.     

Unnecessary work costs more than it's worth

Repeating the same work phase many times in different parts of an organisation results in excess costs, mistakes and unnecessary delays. Developing financial administration  processes reduces the amount of overlapping work both inside the company and at an external accounting agency.

Target process provide efficiency and predictability

Specification of target processes begin with an assessment of the current situation and this is done with the people responsible for the company's processes.

Developing target processes in financial administration:

  1. We evaluate the company's current operating methods and processes
  1. We specify how and from which processes the information used in financial administration will be collected
  2. We assess process functionality and determine how current the financial administration is
  3. We plan and describe the target processes linked to the company's financial administration
  4. We evaluate the financial administration personnel's competence and development needs
  5. We ensure the functionality of target processes and their implementation
  6. We maintain and further develop the company's operating methods and processes

When the financial administration processes are in order and supported by the information system, the company receives real-time information on all processes for both management and financial accounting. This makes it possible to predict business. Efficient financial steering processes simultaneously result in profitable business and functioning cash flow.


From innovation to success story And vice versa. A process exists for both.

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Creativity alone is not enough

Developing a profitable business requires investment in the correct areas and the ability to do things right. Innoman has 20 years of extensive experience in developing organisations' readiness for innovation leadership and process development.
From a development point of view, essential competence areas include:

• Strategic planning of innovation
• Functioning processes, practices and tools to develop the business and its offering
• Verification of innovativeness and ability to implement

Our task is to ensure that the above mentioned sub-areas are defined correctly and that they correspond to the needs of the company in the best possible way. In our development, we use Innoman's multi-professional team of specialists.

From brainstorming to launch

Anticipation, goal-setting, ideation, conceptualisation, development and launch require diverse process competence. We offer our customers a range of different tools and good practices that we can tailor to achieve results.


Services to develop innovation activities

  1. Studies and reports
  2. Targets
    Innovation and development strategy work (PAM)
  3. Evaluation and measurement Evaluation of the current state of innovation practices and processes and prioritisation of development areas QMM
  4. Development
    Development and description of innovation practices and processes
  1. Training and Coaching
    Competence development and embedding of innovation practices in the organisation
  2. Facilitation
    Innovation workshop work

Training and Coaching sessions to initiate change

The aim of coaching is to embed key innovation practices and process competence in the organisation. Our training and coaching programme comprises complementary modules that we can use to tailor targeted training and longer term coaching programmes. We can facilitate the organisation's own development programmes and apply the process tools that we use. Training and Coaching can be implemented as part of coaching programmes or as separate workshops according to customer need.


Our customers

Our customers are innovative business pioneers striving for long-term development. We serve companies of all sizes in different sectors.

Our customers also include public administration organisations that we partner with develop the competitiveness of Finnish SMEs.

Public administration organisations use our services to develop their own operations and for research, technology and development projects.

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